Notification on request

Appealable notification issued by the Dean of Studies.

Individual enquiries and requests are answered by the Administration or the Dean of Studies free of charge; there is also the option of meeting with the Dean of Studies in order to obtain extensive advice. An initial decision will be made on the strength of an analysis of the facts of the case; it will be communicated verbally, by e-mail or by post and is always free of charge.

If the Dean of Studies is asked to communicate the decision by means of an appealable notification, then this will have to be ordered in the payment portal, and an advance on costs for a “notification on request” will have to be paid.

If you would like the Dean of Studies to issue an appealable notification, the above-mentioned initial decision will inform you about the notification that the Dean of Studies intends to issue in the context of the right to be heard (Art. 15, Administrative Procedure Act [Consolidated Statute Book of the Canton of St.Gallen, No. 951.1]). Please formulate the precise original request and submit all the evidence/documents to enable the Dean of Studies to issue the notification after a renewed review of the facts of the case. In the context of the right to be heard, you will be able to submit new objective facts or differently worded legal bases which were not yet known at the time when the decision was made and were therefore not taken into consideration. You will then receive an appealable notification within 14 working days after receipt of payment.

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